X-roads for Expats

Should I stay or should I go?

You have been thinking about  starting a new life abroad for some time; yet something is holding you back. You are in doubt. What is the right decision? And what happens if you decide to go? …

….How should you start? You need to think about practical issues, but they all seem so foreign. What are the costs of living in your target country? How will you find a place to live? What are the chances of finding a job? What paperwork do you need? How about cultural differences? What about health care? What are the things you need to arrange before you leave?

This is just a fraction of all the questions that may pop up in your mind. You might get overwhelmed even before packing your suitcase.

But it doesn’t have to be completely unfamiliar. I can be your link to your new country.



3 to 5 sessions prior to your departure
1 session after 2-4 weeks in your new country
Assessments and feedback
Wekly inspirational videos, articles & blogs

What will it bring to you?

  • Overview: Where are you now and what is your goal for the future?
  • Plan: How will you reach your goal?
  • Action: What is your strategy abroad?

Get in touch with me for information on how I can help you preparing your move both practically and emotionally.

START SMART coaching takes place online via SKYPE, e-mail or Facetime. If you are visiting the Netherlands before your move, there is a possibility to meet in person. You can choose what time and frequency is best for you.

Call me for a free talk on the phone up to 30 minutes!

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