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You want to START a new life abroad…

…. but you are not sure where to start. It is holding you back from taking action.



You have been thinking about starting a new life abroad for some time; yet something is holding you back. You are in doubt. What is the right decision? And what happens if you decide to go? …

…How should you start? You need to think about practical issues, but they all seem so foreign. What are the costs of living in your target country? How will you find a place to live? What are the chances of finding a job? What paperwork do you need? How about cultural differences? What about health care? What are the things you need to arrange before you leave?

This is just a fraction of all the questions that may pop up in your mind. You might get overwhelmed even before packing your suitcase. But it doesn’t have to be completely unfamiliar.

Moving abroad can be one of the most exciting adventures of your life. But besides the opportunity to travel, meet new people, learn new languages, taste different cuisines you will also face challenges, such as culture shock, the language barrier, missing your family and friends and the initial lack of a well-functioning social network.

Please be aware of the fact that moving abroad is challenging for everyone. And please realize that there is support available. First of all, preparing for what you will be going through will reduce stress.

To support you in the process I created a free RELOCATION CHECKLIST that you can download and print.

Before relocation you should take a deep breath and ask yourself what you want from your professional and personal life. What do you hope to gain from living abroad? When you have this clear you can start preparing your adventure. Via setting a date for your move and putting a plan together you will navigate yourself through the transition period with less stress increasing your chances of taking action and realizing your goal.

At this point you are probably thinking: how do I start writing a plan and how early do I need to start planning?

6 months before your planned move should give you enough time to prepare everything.


Relocating means closing a chapter in your home country and starting a new one abroad.

To close the current chapter, there are several practical things you will need to do apart from getting emotionally ready for the next chapter.

But WHAT are those practicalities?

  • Resign your current job (if you are not relocating within your current company)
  • Give notice to your landlord if you rent a house
  • If you want to sell or rent out your home, put it on the market
  • Inform all utility providers
  • Cancel insurances that you will not need abroad
  • Arrange the necessary checkups & vaccinations and request a copy of your medical, vaccination and dental record
  • Make a copy of all your important paperwork such as birth certificates, diplomas; have them translated into English or/and into the language of your new country
  • Check if your passport and driving license are still valid at least for another year; do the same with your kids’ passports and IDs
  • Redirect your post
  • If you have children, request a final report from their schools
  • If you have pets, check quarantine requirements in your destination country
  • Get quotes from international moving companies
  • Decide on what stuff you want to bring with you and what you will store elsewhere
  • Hold a garage sale or donate some items you don’t want to keep
  • Organize a party to say goodbye to family and friends! ENJOY!!!

To help you prepare I put together a checklist that provides an overview of things that you should consider when making your plans. You can download the RELOCATION CHECKLIST here.

Remember, a lot of people postpone or put aside their dreams … Before you know it it’s another year passed by. Do you know what is holding you back from realizing your dream?

Get in touch with me for more  information on how I can help you preparing your move both practically and emotionally.

Download the Relocation Checklist PDF

6 Essential Focus Areas
51 Checkpoints
 5 Printable Pages

* Read my Privacy Statement here.

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Moving abroad? Download the freeRelocation Checklist pdf


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