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I am listening to you.

I am a certified coach with 20+ years of corporate experience.

I set up X-roads coaching because I know how important it is to have support in the process of arriving emotionally home in a new country. I want to utilize my experience and knowledge to support others in navigating their lives.

I remember making a bold statement: I will never move abroad. I was 16 at the time. Ten years later I found myself living in the Netherlands, married to a Dutch man. Finding my way was not easy. A job, new friends, a different culture – I have learned to be flexible during the process.

I have lived for 18 years in the Netherlands. I have learned a lot about this country and about many other different cultures as well. I am extremely lucky because I have worked with colleagues belonging to 40+ different nationalities. Working within multinational organizations has enriched my life. Working with people from different cultures has energized me.

X-roads coaching helps expat professionals and their families who face difficulties finding their next step; or feel that there is a limit to how many balls (career, family, health) they are able to juggle at the same time.





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