My mission is to empower expat professionals and their families to thrive in the Netherlands.

Find out Why

You are unique – so is my approach to your situation.

I offer an individualized coaching plan based on your specific needs. We will work together on achieving the goals you set for yourself.

My services are available in English, Hungarian and Dutch.

You want to START a new life abroad…

…. but you are not sure where to start.  Something is holding you back from taking action.

You are SETTLING in…

… and your world has turned upside down. You feel lonely and not understood.

You are ready for CHANGE…

… because your current job is not giving you joy anymore. You don’t know how to take the next step.

“The secret of getting ahead, is getting started.”

Mark Twain


Wherever you live in the world, you want to feel at home.

Expat life is often associated with luxury and glamour; it is a dream for many. The truth is, people often find themselves lonely and confused abroad. They leave their family and friends behind, and despite making new friends, these new relationships will lack a common history, a common past that people share with their friends “back home”. The language barrier can also be tough and frustrating. Moreover, even if there are no problems with language, cultural barriers do exist. Relocating is indeed a major change in life.


I understand from personal and professional experience what it is like to move abroad and to live in a foreign country far away from your family and friends.

I offer coaching services to you and your family during any stage of your adventure. When you

  • make the decision to move
  • settle in
  • transform your life

My role

I help expats and their families navigate transition and change related to their move abroad, so that they can transform challenges into a positive experience and feel at home in their new home.

Because of my curiosity about people and my ability to quickly understand complex issues, I am able to understand you and your unique situation and stimulate you to achieve your desired result. I make contact easily and through my questioning on your underlying motives you will understand more quickly what stands in your way of being more fulfilled in life.

Why should I try coaching?

Coaching can help by providing support and strategies for not only coping, but thriving under difficult circumstances.

Coaching is a personalized process that provides clarity on what success would look like, helps understand the obstacles and barriers that get in the way of achieving success, and identifies specific action steps to take.

Kathie N.

“Virág helped to see my “world” differently. She’s shaken up my reality and showed me what is possible. She is exceptionally gifted at seeing talent in people. I gained insights that changed everything for me.

Virag builds on your own power, and challenge you to set long term goals. Together we built a roadmap that helps me achieving what I want.

I absolutely would recommend her if you want to achieve more in life.”

Kathie N.

Rita Scsaurszki

“I was hesitant to turn to a coach as I was afraid to receive just a general advice instead of personalized help and support. Virag helped me to identify my biggest roadblock that prevented me from making the first steps. She also helped me to identify these first steps that enabled me to embark on my new path. What I liked the most about working with her was that she didn’t try to tell me what to do but she directed me to find the answers by myself.

She helped me to provide a different angle to look at the issues and guided me to see the possibilities rather than just the obstacles. I would warmheartedly recommend her as a coach as her professional attitude, vast experience in the corporate world paired with her high empathy towards other people results in that you get efficient support during your journey to a new carrier goal.”

Rita Scsaurszki

Thomas van Driel

“Virág helped me find my ‘why’ in my business and my life. She’s a very good listener, asks the right questions and connects the dots in a way I couldn’t do alone. I happily recommend her to anyone who wants to give more purpose, focus and kindness to their work.”

Thomas van Driel

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More information

About Virág Mezei


I set up X-roads coaching because I know how important it is to have support in the process of arriving emotionally home in a new country. I want to utilize my experience and knowledge to support others in navigating their lives.

I remember making a bold statement: I will never move abroad. I was 16 at the time. Ten years later I found myself living in the Netherlands, married to a Dutch man. Finding my way was not easy. A job, new friends, a different culture – I have learned to be flexible in the process.

X-roads coaching helps expat professionals and their families who face difficulties finding their next step; or feel that there is a limit to how many balls (career, family, health) they are able to juggle at the same time.


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